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    With over 30 years in selecting the highest quality swallow bird nest, Akimi Bird Nest always provide quality bird nest to our customers.

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    With over 30 years in selecting the highest quality swallow bird nest, Akimi Bird Nest give the best product.

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    Our Bird Nest are handpicked and adhere to the latest health standards. With more than 20 years in the business, you can have your heart at ease.

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About Akimi Bird Nest

Akimi Bird Nest is a premium Bird Nest provider in Singapore who specialises in supplying quality bird nest conveniently to any location in the Singapore. We work hard at keeping our prices affordable to deliver maximum value and enjoyment to our clients. We sell only 100% genuine bird’s nest, without any harmful chemicals, artificial colouring, or preservatives.They are processed and cleaned without any bleaching agent. We are able to guarantee our product quality because the whole process from harvesting bird’s nest, cleaning, quality control, until packaging for retail outlets, are done by ourselves, no third party involves.

Worldwide delivery

We partner with strong courier companies to enable delivery worldwide. No matter where you are in this world, we are able to reach you.

Free shipping

Whenever you purchase something for us, we are more than happy to deliver the product to you. Count the delivery cost will be on us.

Secure Payment

Our payment process is handled by a reputable payment company, PayPal. They accept both PayPal account payments as well as global credit cards.

24/7 Support

Have a question and unsure who to reach out to? Give us a call at +65 9003 4808 or drop us a note at info@akimibirdnest.com

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